Self-directed wellbeing



Assessments and tip-sheets

Burnout inventory (check your burnout risk)

Self-care assessment (map out your self-care strategies)

Resilience roadmap (create a plan to keep close by for stressful times)

Tackling Work related stress workbook (takes you through preparing for and conduct an appropriate stress risk assessment and gives ideas for what to do when you have the results)

Stress management competency indicator tool (helps you reflect on your management style)

10 Steps towards staff wellbeing (ten questions that schools may wish to bear in mind when approaching staff wellbeing, with ideas and case studies)



The School of Life have a beautiful free online Book of Life.  I find peace and clarity in their pieces. Alain de Botton created this site and he’s wonderfully insightful.

Here’s how to really understand and implement the latest research into happiness

The Science of Wellbeing – a free excellent course (mentioned in the article above) from the Happiness team at U Penn

Russ Harris’s Happiness Trap 8-week course

Mind and Emotions (self-help book)

Mindfulness information

10 Minute breathing meditation (press the red play button on the next screen)



How To Keep Calm and Carry On

Hands down the best book ever for a straightforward view of your body and stress, can’t recommend highly enough
Stress Proof

Read ‘Em and Sleep

The Mind-Gut Connection

The Course of Love

The Anatomy of Peace

Trauma Stewardship

Beyond Bystanders: Educational Leadership for a Humane Culture in a Globalizing Reality