CCI School Leadership Symposium on Psychological Wellbeing: Confronting violence and aggression in education

Professional supervision to leaders who want support and strategies so they can continue in their valuable role.

Work with leaders who have had difficult experiences to help them find good ways of dealing with their unique situations.

Counsel people who want to make a difference to others, but understand that they need to make a difference in their own lives first.

Session times are flexible and can be arranged at your office or online (limited face-to-face while COVID-19 is active).

Professional development regarding emotions, leadership and wellbeing, with content that is tailored to your group’s needs.

Topics include:

  • difficult emotions and mindset
  • difficult stakeholders
  • self-compassion
  • strengths
  • work-life flow
  • maintaining and improving emotional wellbeing
  • developing strategies for wellbeing (e.g., work, play, self-development, family/social relationships)
  • activities to highlight present states and help map out preferred states
  • value-orienting
  • self-care
  • action-planning
  • problem solving
  • and self-evaluation



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