I provide webinars, presentations, and workshops that help leaders maximise their wellbeing whatever the circumstances.

System-level (for groups of school principals)

  1. Leading in a time of disruption
  2. Crisis Fatigue and Coping
  3. Self-care for leaders


  1. Individual and Team strengths
  2. Tree of Life – sharing communal, regenerative leadership stories
  3. Self-care for teams

Average feedback score for these workshops = 90%

Participants report that the sessions are well organised and useful, the space for connection and reception is held safely and with engagement, and that the knowledge gleaned is helpful for both personal and professional spheres.

“Thank you for your time with the Principals yesterday. It was again very rewarding; I actually think each time I have been involved with the group in meeting with you (yesterday was my third) I have gained a little more. I think it comes from having formed a strong belief in both your knowledge and delivery; they absolutely hit the mark.”

I provide practical techniques to foster successful emotional flexibility, keep your body in the Goldilocks Zone and enjoy better wellbeing.

Topics covered include:
1. Principal Health and Wellbeing
2. Job Satisfaction
3. Wellbeing Themes
4. Difficult Emotions
5. Strengths and Virtues

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